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In cooperation with local communities, the Lakeland Humane Society provides a safe haven for animals, while promoting responsible pet ownership, a concern for animal welfare, a compassion for all living things and their environment, and a commitment to make a difference.

Lakeland Humane Society (LHS) is located in Cold Lake, Alberta. The LHS helps over 500 stray, abandoned, surrendered and abused animals per year, educates the public on animal welfare issues and promotes responsible pet ownership.


2 days ago

Lakeland Humane Society

Unaltered male dogs found by the agriplex, if these are your animals please contact the LHS.Stray animals found and waiting to be claimed. Please note that you will be asked to provide proof of ownership in order to claim your pet. ... See MoreSee Less

Unaltered male dogs found by the agriplex, if these are your animals please contact the LHS.


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Sad. It's cold out. Hope someone gives them a better home!

Jean-Francois Parent the one on the right... J & P X!

Ohh the second one Natalie Senez

Today was incredibly special for the staff at the LHS. Our long haired long term resident Mr. Newt celebrated his 1 year anniversary at the LHS.

Newt came in a completely different boy than the jovial goofball that we know and love today. He was riddled with fear and anxiety and would only trust a very small select group of people. Through time, patience and the building of trust, this boy opened his heart to us and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Newt... we salute you, we love you and you will always have a home with us! You’ve come so far boy! Let’s eat cake!
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He’s such a sweet boy. He stayed with us for a few days during the holidays. Unfortunately, we weren’t a good fit, but this guy would be great in an active family with lots of room for a sooky love bug

Natasha🐶wishes Newt a Happy 1st Anniversary🐾

That dog is grinning in every single frame of video

Whhhaaatttt I thought this guy got adopted

How old is this feller?

Newt, I’m sooo excited for your next adventure 👍.. who says “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.. you’ve come a long way Boy❤️... the Lucky family that gives you your permanent home is going to be truly Blessed with all the Love you have to give Lots of doggy hugs and kisses xoxo

He’s so beautiful. 💕

Is he long term because he cant be adopted or up for adoption?

I cannot believe Newt has been a resident for a year! That's very sad but this video shows he's come a long way and is so adorable! Someone has to find love and room in their home for him! 💕💕💕🐕💕💕💕

He's a beauty.

Peter Walsh

Hope Skorlatowski

What a wonderful video

it's my hope & prayer today that that beautiful boy find his forever home.

What a beautiful boy! I hope he finds his forever home soon.💕

Benji Senior baby boy❤️!

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While everyone else sees cupid's and hearts this February, we see PAWS!!!!

Paws for a Cause: School Edition is back and its one of our favorite ways for the younger folks to raise money, awareness and prove they can make a huge impact! If you would like your class, daycare or group to get involved, send us a FB message, email drop by or give us a call 780-594-1896!
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Can these paws be purchased at humane society???

5 days ago

Lakeland Humane Society

Unaltered male cat found being Tri-City Mall. If this is your animal please contact the LHS. ... See MoreSee Less

Unaltered male cat found being Tri-City Mall. If this is your animal please contact the LHS.


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The fact he was outside is awful. I couldnt survive a night in this weather....so glad hes safe. Hes handsome.

What a beautiful cat ❤ so lucky to not get caught in the cold for too long Tyler Matchett he's so cute

Poor baby!! It’s way to damn cold! Keep your baby’s inside!!!😢

Wow, beautiful kitty!! Looks at those colors 😮 so glad ye was found and not left out in this cold

He is gorgeous. Hopefully he finds his home

He's gorgeous. Lucky for him he was brought in! 💕

Poor boy! But happy that he’s warm and safe with you.😊 Thank you for always caring for our furry friends.💕

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Calling all businesses!! February is rapidly approaching and we are looking for businesses who want to join the

Businesses sell paper paws for the month of February and collect and display them at their location. This amazing display is a great way to show your community and clients where your heartstrings are pulled! Each paw is a minimum $2 donation and every cent goes towards the animals at the LHS. If you would like to be a part of this easy and awesome fundraiser, send us an email
or give us a call 780-594-1896!!!
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Trai-Sea’s Escape Spa will do this for sure 🐶🐱

O2's is in.

Pride In Your Ride Would love to do this!

Hairlines 😀😀😀

Brittany Tucker

Brett Douglas John McKernan

Susan Phipps-Thir

H&R Block will do this Call 780-594-3747

Snap-on would like to participate!

Rich Kotowicz

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