History of the LHS

A Brief History

A diverse group of over thirty people first assembled in 1999 to discuss how to improve animal welfare and its services in the communities of the Lakeland area. With the assistance of a founding group member, they were introduced to the services provided by the only animal intake facility in the Lakeland area, a facility run by the City of Cold Lake.

The group was also informed about other regional animal services within the Town of Bonnyville and Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 and St Paul, in total this is a population base of over 50,000. Shortly after this introduction stage, the group registered as a non-profit organization within the province of Alberta, and is known as the Lakeland Humane Society (LHS).

The purpose of creating a society was to have an organization that:

  • Will speak for the animals
  • Offers programs and services that will support and educate
  • Offers services that will improve the lives of animals

The Lakeland Humane Society is an animal care and educational organization that serves in many capacities; as an animal care facility and placement agency for lost and homeless animals, a pet care resource centre, a foster care provider, and so much more. We are not just an animal organization, we are very much a people organization as well. We support and promote the human – animal bond, educating young and old, and finding solutions to the challenges of this diverse and fast growing community of people and animals.

Unfortunately, the number of animals that we care for each year continues to increase. Each day we are doing our best to find all of our adoptable animals new, loving homes.

Please e-mail or call 780-594-1896 for more information.

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